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Annelisa D Smith

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  • Filing for parenting time enforcement.

    My ex and I had a hearing to enforce parenting time. The judge gave her 14 days to file the Modification, but she hasn't filed and the 14 days is up. What can i do?

    Annelisa’s Answer

    It sounds like the judge expected your ex to file a Motion to Modify the parenting plan based on the outcome of the enforcement hearing. For instance, if the parenting plan had a term that had never been followed, and then one parent wanted to start following that term but the other parent wanted to continue the status quo of not following the term, the court may be giving her the option of asking to modify the parenting plan to remove the term. However, without knowing the details of what happened in the enforcement hearing, it will be hard for any attorney to tell you what should or could happen next. Many attorneys will give you a substantive consultation for an hourly fee. If you would like more clarification, I recommend that you set up a consultation and take all of your prior orders and motions with you so the lawyer can give you a really clear answer.

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