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Johnson STAAR Visian ICL Case

Case Conclusion Date: 03.29.2011

Practice Area: Medical malpractice

Outcome: Settlement: Confidential Amount

Description: Ms Johnson explored the option of Lasik surgery as a possible path to getting rid of her contacts forever. Her surgeon told her that she would be a good candidate for another kind of procedure called STAAR Visian ICL. In this surgery, she would have a new lens permanently implanted in each eye. On the day of the surgery, her surgeon first implanted the lens in Johnson’s right eye. He noticed a problem but didn’t bring Johnson out of anesthesia to consult with her and he didn’t contact her husband in the waiting room. Instead, he went ahead and repeated the procedure for her left eye. The complication was now apparent in both eyes. Basically, the implants didn’t fit. Pressure began building inside Johnson’s eyes and she had to be hospitalized. Unfortunately, the surgeon did not immediately remove the lenses, and the high intraocular pressures were slowly damaging her optic nerves. Six weeks following the original surgery, the doctor finally removed the implanted lens from each eye but it was too late. Johnson’s vision was permanently damaged.

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