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Adam J Brittle

About Adam Brittle

About me

I grew up in Portland, Oregon. After high school, I first moved to Corvallis in 1993 and was an electrical engineering student at Oregon State University. After three years, I transferred to University of Colorado at Boulder to complete my engineering degree.

After my undergraduate work was complete, I worked as an electrical engineer for six years, primarily with Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, Oregon. In 2002, I started law school as an evening student at Northwestern School of Law at Lewis and Clark College while continuing to work full time at Intel. During this time, I attended law school classes after work. It is at Lewis and Clark that I met Jill Barrett, now my wife (Jill Brittle).  Jill is another successful attorney practicing in Portland, Oregon.

In 2004, I left Intel and took a clerking job at the Portland firm of Swanson, Thomas, and Coon. There I worked with a number of exceptional attorneys, primarily in the areas of workers' compensation and personal injury law. I also developed an interest in criminal law and criminal defense.

In 2006, I took a position as a certified law student at the public defender's office of Multnomah Defenders in Portland. I was certified to appear in court on behalf of clients for misdemeanor trials, arraignments, motion hearings, and DUII diversions. After graduating from law school in 2006, I joined my father and wife to create West Valley Law Group PC in Corvallis, Oregon.  There, I focused primarily on general litigation practice and criminal defense.

After two years of successful practice, in Corvallis, Jill and I relocated to Portland to continue the practice of law after Tim Brittle retired.  We now practice together as Brittle & Brittle P.C.

My hobbies include biking, scuba, listening to music, running, computers, and recently, fly fishing. People who know me will also describe me as passionate about politics and social justice.

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