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Diane L Gruber

About Diane Gruber

About me

I have been practicing law in the Portland Metro area since 1987.  I specialize in Family Law, Bankruptcy, Probate and Estate Planning.  The fee for the initial consultation is only $100.  My fees are reasonable and relatively low compared to other attorneys with my experience.  Bankruptcy cases and wills/estate planning are fixed rates quoted at the first appointment.  For family law and probate my hourly rate is used.


KK writes:  Details of the Recommendation: "I clerked for Diane Gruber during law school. She consistently provided thorough, ethical, and strategic services to her clients. She is an excellent bankruptcy and family law attorney, and I would hire her for my personal matters without reservation."


Jocelyn writes:   Details of the Recommendation: "I worked for Diane for almost two years as her law clerk. To this day, I credit her with teaching me bankruptcy law. She explained it to me and the clients in such a way that was easy to understand but did not overlook the complexities either. Her legal approach to her files and her ethics were always rock solid. I refer my friends to her and would turn to her myself if I encountered similar problems."