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Kara L Govro

Kara Govro’s Legal Guides

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  • Bankruptcy Principles; Why You Might Have to Pay in a Chapter 7

    Because a Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to erase all of your dischargeable debt (which is a pretty great deal), the government requires that you be in a truly tight spot and without means to pay your creditors. The bankruptcy code has done its best to define this "truly tight s...

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  • Wrongful Termination: What it Actually Means

    You have been wrongfully terminated if you were fired for an illegal reason. Almost all reasons are legal. Lets take a look at a few key points about employment law in Oregon. At Will Employment: This means that the employer and employee are acting of their own free will within ...

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  • Landlord Tenant Basics in Oregon

    The relationship between a landlord and a tenant can be a complicated one, so it's helpful for both parties to have a basic understanding of their rights and responsibilities before entering into an agreement. Here are a few highlights. The Lease: The lease agreement is the basis...

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