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Nicholas A Heydenrych

About Nicholas Heydenrych

About me

I have dedicated my career to helping individuals in crisis. My practice includes criminal defense, family law, juvenile law, and professional licensure defense. I have an established track record of success in each of these practice areas.


Criminal Defense

I aggressively represent my client's interests above all else. My first priority is to educate my clients about all of their options, including the options I recommend against. My second priority is to execute on my client's decisions aggressively to maximize results. Here are some of the types of cases I've handled: 


Arson (first and second degree)

Assault (felony and misdemeanor, domestic violence and street assaults)

Burglary (first and second degree)

Child abuse (physical injury and sexual abuse cases)

Drug crimes (possession, distribution)

Kidnapping (first and second degree)

Property Crimes (felony and misdemeanor theft, identity theft, robbery etc.)

Racketeering (narcotics, counterfeiting, chop-shops)

Rape / Sex Abuse / Sodomy / Coercion (first, second and third degree cases)



Family Law

My first goal in any family law case is to try and find a workable, fair, and peaceful settlement. Along the way I try to minimize transaction costs and control future liabilities by anticipating and addressing problems before they happen. 


Unfortunately there are times when the parties can't or won't engage in good faith negotiations. We lawyers call that a "high-conflict case." In recent years most of my family law cases have been high conflict cases, dealing with issues such as: concealment of income and/or assets; false allegations of parental child abuse; founded allegations of parental child abuse; repeated contempt of court by withholding parenting time; dueling custody modifications; custody battles with parents with severe psychological disturbance, etc.


Consequently I am used to doing business with high-conflict personalities, taking an independent and skeptical look at every situation, and tactfully guiding parties to professional services relevant to their particular situation. I give my clients the tools they need to make the best out of a bad situation. 


Juvenile Law

I practice both juvenile dependency (child welfare) and juvenile delinquency law. I primarily represent parents and grandparents in child welfare cases and I emphasize holding the Department of Human Services accountable. In my opinion it rarely makes sense not to challenge DHS in Court. These are cases I assume to take to trial unless there's some really compelling reason not to. I fight to reunify families and if I can't do that, I fight to preserve parental rights as best I can under the circumstances presented to me. I consider this type of work a moral calling and a public service.


Licensure Defense

Individuals with professional licenses are held to high standards of conduct. When a person with a professional license violates these standards their ability to work and practice their profession is in jeopardy. The potential consequences can be devastating not only to the individual but also to their family. My practice is to help advise my clients about their profession's rules of conduct, bring them into compliance if they've slipped, and help them rehabilitate their standing whenever possible. I have helped clients avoid sanction and preserve their licenses.