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Wayne D. Parsons

Wayne Parsons’s reviews

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  • Superb

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mr. Parsons provided expedient (we were under a severe time constraint) consultation service which analyzed and identified the issues involved in the claim. He was excellent in addressing both the highly emotional issues as well as the practical and legal issues. Mr. Parsons went beyond his formal attorney role and made himself available even after the representation was concluded.

    I highly recommend Mr. Parsons.

  • Absolutely the finest lawyer you could ask for.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sean

    Wayne Parsons is still my legal representative, and I could not have survived the past 15+ years without him. He is my champion, and has taken on my case with honor and conviction for fairness in a legal system that may not always seem fair to the injured person. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

  • Totally recommend Wayne Parsons, he's awesome

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stacey

    Wayne Parsons was my lawyer on an Internet libel/harassment case not once, but twice, the first time being in 1997 when the Internet was the wild wild west and there weren't any precedents for Internet imposters or online stalking. He didn't fully understand the technical details before taking my case, but when I explained them to him he quickly understood semi-complex networking concepts and picked up the technical terms with ease which was very impressive. I was a college student at the time and couldn't really afford an attorney, but he was very generous to draft some letters for me and got my case resolved (and the perpetrator fired; he was doing this at work!!) to my immense relief. I am still grateful to this day and will probably always be for the kindness Wayne showed a distressed college student who couldn't even get the Honolulu Police Department to help her (they didn't understand the Internet or how to handle the case at all and thus did nothing) because technically it wasn't harassment.

    The second time was the same issue, Internet impersonation/libel, and he again was totally professional and competent and advised me of all options and scenarios so I could make the best possible decision for myself. There was a third party involved in the case (two of us being represented by different attorneys were being countersued) and I don't want to make anyone sound bad, but in comparison Wayne was clearly the superior lawyer by far... I think the other guy's lawyer actually stressed him out more. Conversely, Wayne always totally prepared me for what was coming up and what kinds of questions I would be asked and I always felt very comfortable and nothing ever surprised me.

    His working relationships with other attorneys and judges are also very good ones (it's obvious to anyone who sees interactions) and this always made me feel very secure as a client that I would get a fair decision, if not favorable. Speaking for myself, I only like to deal with people who have high personal integrity and I feel that Wayne totally demonstrates this.

    I have nothing but the highest regard and respect for Wayne and would not hesitate to hire him for things that really matter in the future (though I sure hope I never have to hire him for Internet libel again! I've had enough of that for a lifetime thank you very much). He does excellent work and his staff is wonderful. I can't say enough good things about Wayne and totally recommend him. Like they say on eBay.... AAAAAAA+++++ !!!! :) (because just one "A" isn't enough, haha!)