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Timothy James Bilecki

Timothy Bilecki’s Legal Guides

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  • Lautenberg Amendment

    References a. 18 United States Code § 921 et seq. b. 10 United States Code § 1176. c. Army Regulation 635-200, Enlisted Personnel 4. Army Regulation 600-8-24, Officer Transfers and

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  • Benefits After Administrative Separation

    Shipment of Household Goods JFTR, U5317, U5370; A soldier without dependents, separated incident to administrative discharge with an under other than honorable conditions discharge, is not authorized

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  • How to Apply for a Discharge Upgrade

    Who may apply? Former members of the Regular Army, the Army Reserve, and the Army National Guard may submit an application (DD Form 293) to the Army Discharge Review Board (ADRB). If the former memb

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  • Levels of Military Court Martial

    Summary Court-Martial (SCM) A Summary Court-Martial (SCM) is the lowest level of court-martial. A single line or staff officer is appointed by your Battalion Commander to investigate the charges and

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  • Military Suspect Rights

    WHEN YOU ARE CONSIDERED A "SUSPECT" You should consider yourself a “suspect” if you are… a. Apprehended (arrested) by military or civilian law enforcement personnel (generically called the “poli

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  • Military Commander's Disciplinary Options

    Prosecutorial Discretion In civilian communities, police and prosecutors exercise discretion in deciding whether an offense should be charged and offenders punished. In the military, commanders make

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  • Summary Court Martial Guide for Accused

    WHAT IS A SUMMARY COURT-MARTIAL? The military justice system has three levels of court-martial: General, Special, and Summary. A summary court-martial is the lowest level of court-martial availabl

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