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Daniel Guy Hempey

Daniel Hempey’s reviews

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  • At The Top of His Game

    5.0 stars

    Posted by K

    I was referred to Dan Hempey by an acquaintance. As it turned out, that was the best referral of my life. His level of experience gives him the uncanny ability to outmaneuver the opposition, i.e., determine whether a legal issue is the shield or the sword, and have the confidence to deliver the chosen message in the courtroom. If hiring the absolute best legal counsel is your goal, then without hesitation, this should be your first call.

    Hired attorney
  • Goes the extra mile

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joan

    Dan works really hard for his clients and goes the extra mile to develop a solid case. He's super ethical, extremely smart, very experienced and he has a big heart. I recommend him very highly. I consulted with him on a legal case and he was very helpful and made sure my concerns were resolved. I've seen him in court over the years and he's an excellent trial attorney. He's truly one of the top lawyers in Hawaii.

    Consulted attorney
  • REscue Ranger Team

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tebo

    Good morning and Thank You for opportunity to convey my deepest appreciation and sense of justice available to my ability to convey.
    I want to give thanks and convey my appreciation for the good work, honest perseverance and uplifting goals of this legal defense team of Daniel Hempey and Staff.
    Some significant professional qualities would be listed as Intuitive, Persevering Loyal, Impeccable, Intelligent and Pleasant. The Citizen's best defense and rescue in the face of errant or corrupt legal dilemma.

  • I cannot say enough good things about Dan Hempy. They don't make attorneys much better and we're lucky he lives here on Kauai!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    Dan Hempy represented me in a completely professionally competent manner. He handled my case extremely well in all respects and looking back I'm grateful I found him when I did.

  • Daniel put justice in the legal system.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Domestic Violence client

    Daniel Hempey and the team at his practice saved my life.
    I had been terribly assualted by a person with bi-polar disorder with a history of self mutilation. After he attacked me, he inflicted wounds and basically, created a crime scene. Immediately after the attack I contacted the police for help.
    That was where my problems began.The aggressor came from an influential family. A few days later, The Kauai deputy prosecutor, Lawrence Strauss, called me and tried to intimidate me to drop charges. When I finally received a copy of the police report it was completely incorrect. When I refused to drop charges, Strauss dropped the charges against the aggressor and then raised the charges against me.
    Being victimized by the system which I felt was there to help me was worse than the assault.
    I felt desperate and suicidal.
    Hempey’s office first did not want to take my case. It’s a small island and Strauss had told them lies about the evening of the assault.
    I convinced his office to take my case and of my innocence. They believed me. I cannot tell you how powerful this was and still is.
    Daniel Hempey really fought for me. He didn’t give up and continued to advocate on my behalf. Eventually he filed motions for “vindictive and impermissible selective prosecution”.
    It's important to mention that Hempey defended me for a price that was unbelievably fair for the representation I received.
    The charges were dropped. Lawrence Strauss lost his job. I’m not sure if his firing was directly related to my case but what he did to me was criminal. He should have never been given that authority. I never believed something like this could happen to a woman in the US, but it did. Hopefully by having Strauss gone, women in Kauai will be safer. I hope no woman has to suffer what I did.
    Daniel Hempey put justice into the legal system.
    I feel and will always feel deeply indebted and grateful. He save my life.