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Robert Jordan Funk

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  • Currently he is my lawyer...

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Jordan is my attorney, and he, like all other good attorneys, are busy. Although that is not an excuse for late filings. He has not filed anything late in my case.

    I asked for help on a criminal matter, he has helped a lot. By writing documents and doing legal research, he has wrapped his mind around a very complex and interesting case.

    I was in trial in Montana and the prosecution took my trial materials in the middle of my cross examining one of the prosecution's witnesses. Most lawyers would not get involved with a self-represented person, but Jordan got involved. He has provided me with the necessary experience and objective perspective that this case so badly needed.

    I would recommend him for he will tell you the truth. He cares more about the case, than money.

    As a 20-year veteran of I.T. Consulting, I am too familiar with how difficult his job may be. And while being late and losing the unwinnable case are unfortunate - they have always been the reality.

    Late filings do not cause the loss of a case, as there are good faith exceptions that exist for such a situation. My guess is that the person who posted a negative review, is not telling the entire story. I believe that my experience is common.

    I have hired many attorneys for civil, business matters and for one criminal matter. No case is perfect, if it was, we would not need the court system or judges. But, rather, cases and the law are complex.

    Jordan takes my calls and has consistently returned them. I'm not gonna lie, I have been afraid that something was not filed on time, but after the fact, I was reassured - by the Court that Jordan did it right. I just didn't know. So I've been nervous, but the information I received from Jordan was accurate. If he doesn't know, he asks, and sometimes I have known more about a specific issue than he, and he was humble about it. It's a deal - maker for me, because a close-minded lawyer cannot win very often.

    The only reason I didn't give an excellent rating is because he doesn't have a large team working for him - but after all, it's a small town. He handles all California and Montana cases, but works mostly in Alturas and Susanville. If he had a large office, he would be able to refer extremely urgent matters to a small task team for near instant results.

    I recommend Jordan Funk.

  • Not at all satisfied with Jordan's performance, FAIL

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    Never could remember our child's name even though we've worked with him for nearly two years, when we appeared in court he first went to the clerk of court to be reminded of his client after us' name, was then fined $250 at our hearing for "forgetting" to file important paperwork on our case...that is just to name a few. Attempted to schedule court dates for two weeks later knowing that we live out of state and would not be back to CA until months later. We lost quite a bit of money because Jordan did not file the appropriate paperwork at all much less in a timely fashion...