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Donald Anderson’s reviews

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  • I would not recommend

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I hired Mr Anderson 11 or so years ago while living in Colorado when my ex refused to return our children after scheduled visitation. I was referred to him via the Employee Assistance Service provided by my husband's employer. I did get my children back without having to come to California to get them but he did the bare minimum he could get away with and didn't even address all the issues I requested him to address. I would give him one star if it wasn't for his office staff. I didn't find him to be rude just very unmotivated without paying attention to detail. At the point I decided not to use him any longer he did return the balance of my retainer without a problem.

    Honestly I have experienced much worse lawyers. The one my ex hired a few years later to try to get him out of getting his child support reviewed was so bad I called him to tell him my ex had actually paid support for months HIS lawyer said he didn't. And he made our judge mad by constantly interrupting her and having his info wrong.

    All in all Mr Anderson was barely effective addressing only one item of several issues I hired him to handle. His office staff was wonderful to me however I would never go back to him again.

    Hired attorney
  • Child Custody, Support and a seperate Adotption Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kristi

    I have been with Mr. Anderson's office for probably about 3-4 years. I paid the retainer up front, met with Don personally and he is a very down to earth no holds barred attorney. He has no problem speaking his mind to you and being honest with you about what is or could happen. He does what it is that you ask him to do. He is worth every penny spent! (trust me, I've spent my share). I had another attorney in the area for my divorce and do not like the way she handled anything because I didn't come from money or a famous family name around town. Don treated me with dignity and respect, the same as I ask or expect from anyone else.

    The office staff has been nothing but wonderful! Whenever I call in to the office they do what they can to help me. My primary form of communication is email and I have not ever gone more than a day, if even that before I have a response. They have no qualms about asking what they need and having you review the information for accuracy and to ensure that it is what "YOU" want.

    They have ALWAYS provided me with great results and have at times, I feel, bent over backwards and gone out of their way to help me with my case(s).

    I had interviewed attorneys prior to choosing Don Anderson, and their respect for the profession and their willingness to help those in need, were not comparable to those offered by Don Anderson and his staff. Mary and Denise in the office are always there when you need them and I would HIGHLY recommend for any of your family and child needs. He is knowledgeable in many areas of Family Court Services and his office staff are very efficient with form preparation and submission. I do not believe that any of my forms have ever been submitted untimely or incorrectly.

    They are wonderful!!!

  • Very Disappointed!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    I hired Don Anderson to represent me for a custody case. He had horrible communication, promised things that he could not do, and made my case worse off then before I hired him. I felt as though he was actually helping my ex more than he was helping me. The office staff had the most horrible customer service as well. They were extremely rude every time I called and acted like I was inconveniencing them. I would NOT recommend Don Anderson to anyone! Our attorney completely misguided us, was dishonest, and charged us for the same service multiple times. If you want your children and you like your money, you may want to look elsewhere.

  • Would Not Recommend Mr. Anderson

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    I hired Mr. Anderson for contempt and child visitation for an up front cost of $2,500.00. He seemed nice enough at first but he'd go weeks without contact. At the contempt hearing he hardly spoke in my defense and I fielded the defenses to many of the accusations flung my way. His office staff Denise was always very rude like I was taking up their time and talked to me like she'd rather not deal with me, yet I was their client.

    There were no meetings set up that I could attend because I live so far away and the phone meetings were brief and really were no help with my defense. they ended up just wasting the money I had paid leaving me without enough to finish the case even though he said the amount I paid would cover the whole case. He also hung up on me at one point because he was busy when it was his office called me, not the other way around. Mr. Anderson allowed the other party in this case to become aggressive, loud and angry with him but would not allow me to tell the court and did not tell the court himself, which I did not understand because it was relevant to my case.

    My papers were not filed on time resulting in them not being aaccepted by the court and the last straw was to set over the court date a week after taking a day off of work because he didn't know the correct court date. However due to not communicating with me, Mr. Anderson did not know the time of the court date and took it upon himself to delay the hearing even though both parties were there because the court had given a court date in writing weeks ago. Most of all, I am disappointed with the lack of communication and effective lawyering.

    I paid him up front a large sum of money and it felt as if he were not engaged during my whole court proceedings and definitely did not help me in the way I felt a lawyer should because I know nothing of the court systems. I felt betrayed by him and his office not doing their jobs because I trusted them to do so, especially at that high cost which greatly impacted my family. I was still found guilty and my case is not completed. I would not recommend Mr. Anderson unless you have money to burn without tangible positive results.

  • Very Disappointed

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    I hired Mr. Anderson for contempt and child custody. I paid the 3500.00 retainer and in one month he did no work. He never filed the contempt as he said he would and when I tried to fire him his office said I could NOT get back my 2800.00 balance due. I filed a complaint with CalBar and he did return the remainder after I wrote a demand letter letting him know his refusal to refund my large retainer was unconsionable in California. I quickly found another attorney who worked out very well, but Mr. Anderson's office will tell you what you want to hear just to get you off the phone and nothing gets done on your behalf. I feel bad for other clients who are told they cannot get their retainer back even if he has done very little or nothing for you in court.

  • Ian MCConnachie

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Irene

    Have been using the services of Don Anderson for 1 1/2 years now and he is still my attorney in ongoing litigation. Don has been such a positive support for all my needs and always has given freely of his time and expertise.