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Margaret Broussard’s Answers

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  • Is bankruptcy the best option?

    I'm called to court for unpaid auto loan. The car was repossessed and I have to pay the difference. I do not have enough monthly income to cover my bills, including old medical bills and have a loan to pay off to my 403B plan. My income is low (1...

    Margaret’s Answer

    You may qualify for bankruptcy and might consider this as an option. First, there are time limits on filing for bankruptcy if you have previously filed for bankruptcy. So, if you have a previous Bankruptcy, you may or may not be able to file another one. If you have not previously filed, then you would want to look first at whether you have any assets you could sell to raise the money to keep you out of bankruptcy. If this is not an option, you should consult with someone about the bankruptcy option. While you must not use an attorney to file bankruptcy, the laws are complicated and confusing and there can be serious penalties for making a mistake when filing. I would advise being careful about hiring a non-attorney to help you. While the cost may seem lower at first, often additional fees or mistakes they make end up being more costly than an attorney. Many law schools have legal clinics that offer very low cost legal assistance - try contacting law schools in your area. Also, ask around. Many people are in the same situation as you are and may have a recommendation for an attorney in your area. A personnel recommendation in this area can help you find an attorney you can trust. You should act quickly, however, given the fact you have notice of a court hearing. Good Luck.

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  • Mentally Handicapped girl needs held back

    My daughter Hunter is slightly mentally handicapped and has trouble with school. I hired her a personal tutor but she still is struggling. Both the tutor and I believe that Hunter needs to stay back in the 1st grade for another year so that she wo...

    Margaret’s Answer

    If your daughter has not yet been tested to see if she is eligible for special education, you should request in writing that your District undertake the testing. The District would then have 15 days from the start of school to get you an assessment plan and then must test her and hold a meeting within 50 days of your approval of the assessment plan in order to determine whether she qualifies for additional services. Schools are loathe - and with good reason - to hols students back anymore - It sounds like the real issue is whether she needs additional specialized instruction in school to help her keep up.

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