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Elisa W. Ungerman

About Elisa Ungerman

About me

I began practicing law in the defense of employers and their insurance companies. While it was a secure job, there was not much job satisfaction.  In 2004, I won a multi-million dollar jury verdict for a former employee of a large tech company who was terminated because she was pregnant and took pregnancy leave.  I learned that the job satisfaction came from helping people help themselves, and from obtaining justice for wronged employees.  In 2005, I formed the Ungerman Law Firm to continue to do just that.  


I am now committed to assisting employees who were or may have been  treated illegally by their employer.  This may range from providing counsel and advice on emplyment contracts and severence agreements,  to filing lawsuits and proceeding to trial, depending on the needs and goals of each client.  I help clients overcome wage theft by employers who avoid paying minimum wage, or overtime.  Additionally, I do assist employers with employment policies and practices to avoid wrongdoing in the first place.