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Justin Dain Hein

Justin Hein’s Legal Guides

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  • Top 5 Collateral Consequences of Professional License Discipline

    Most licensees when facing license discipline are concerned about the direct and immediate consequences. But beyond the actual license discipline, there is a greater impact than the licensee does not

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  • Collection Statute of Expiration Date

    The Collection Statute Expiration Date (CSED)-also known as the Collection Statue of Limitations-is the date by which the IRS has to collect any outstanding tax liability (debt). Thereafter, the tax debt expires and the IRS can no longer collect the owed taxes, or enforce collect...

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  • IRS Wage Garnishments

    One of the most useful tools in the IRS collections toolbox is the levy. A levy allows the IRS to seize valuable assets if you have tax debt (known as back-tax liability). The IRS takes these assets and applies them towards your tax debt. The IRS can use a levy to withdraw direct...

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  • Streamlined Installment Agreements: What to Expect

    The Streamlined Installment Agreement is a type of IRS tax debt resolution. It is a special type of Installment Agreement based solely on the size and age of the tax debt. Unlike most other debt-resolution options, including the Installment Agreement, it is advantageous because i...

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  • Dealing with IRS Revenue Officers

    If you have tax debt (known as back-tax liability), the IRS may assign your case to a Revenue Officer if one of the following applies: (1) the IRS has been unable to collect the taxes through the normal channels (notices, levies, liens, telephone calls, etc.); (2) you have a hist...

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  • Currently Not Collectible Status

    Currently Not Collectible status exists solely to protect people from the aggressive tactics of the IRS Collection Division. People who are unable to pay off their annual federal income taxes have tax debt (back-tax liability). Currently Not Collectible status is useful for those...

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  • IRS Bank Levy

    An IRS bank levy is a tool the IRS uses to collect unpaid taxes from delinquent taxpayers. You may be subject to a bank levy if you have money in the bank and taxes that you owe. The IRS has the authority to issue bank levys for taxpayers who have not paid their taxes and who hav...

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