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John Vincent Montero

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  • Ending Spousal Support in California

    Spousal Support is one of the most important issues in a Divorce case. Under California Law, there are very specific requirements that must be followed in order to terminate an order for Spousal Suppo

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  • Social Media and Divorce

    Millions of people use popular Social Media sites like Facebook on a daily basis to let their friends and family know what they are doing. However, parents need to know that there are pitfalls to keep in mind when posting personal information on the Internet.

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  • California Divorce Income Verification Tools

    CHILD SUPPORT and SPOUSAL SUPPORT are two of the most common subjects addressed by the Court in a Family Law/ Divorce Case filed in the Sacramento County Superior Court. This procedure is the same for any Family Law matter in the State of California. The Judge will base whatever...

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  • California Custody Move Away Cases

    The subject of a Custody "move away" case is one of the most difficult areas that a family will face in a custody case. This is usually brought about where one of the parents must move out of the area because of a job transfer or other personal reason. The moving parent will want to keep custody.

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    Many parents have questions about the use of a child support calculator program in determining child support in California Courts. There are several different brands of child support calculators used by attorneys.All of these are required to be certified by the California Judic...

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