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Gilberto Benito Vega

Gilberto Vega’s Legal Guides

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  • Guide To Bailing Your Loved One Out of Custody After Arrest

    1. What is bail and how does it work? "Bail", as it is commonly used by attorney's and judges, is essentially a promise that is made by one party to the court to insure a defendant's future presence at court during the prosecution process. Either the defendant, or someone else...

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  • When Can My DNA Be Taken By The Police and What Are My Rights Under California Law?

    1. What is the Court's authority for taking my DNA without my permission? In 1998, California passed the "California DNA Identification and Forensic Data Base and Data Bank Act. In 2004, this act was amended to allow for the taking of DNA samples of all persons arrested for felo...

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  • Best Steps for Protecting Your Rights During Any Police Encounter

    Several easy to remember steps every person who interacts with police, for any reason, should know and practice.

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