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  • I have involved in a car crash. Actually it was not my fault. What should i do now. I don't have an insurance.

    I was involved in a car collision .It was not my fault.The insurance company of the other driver has closed the claim as it was not my mistake, Again after 2 weeks they sent me a letter that i should pay the money for it.I don't have the insurance...

    John’s Answer

    If you can prove it was not your fault, then you are entitled to collect all of your special damages from the responsible party/insurance company.
    consult an attorney of your choice.

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  • How can we get local legal advice/ representation regarding personal injury

    My mother was injured in San Francisco, a temporary sign sponsored by the S.F Giants fell on her causing trauma to her head. She was transported by ambulance where she was treated with stitches in the back of her head and glue to her eye brow. We...

    John’s Answer

    Lawyers work for their clients. If you feel the need to change counsel then you should speak to other counsel to see if they will represent you in this matter.
    You might want to give your existing counsel an opportunity to explain to you what is going on in the case before you discharge them.

    Good Luck

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  • Car accident; I have Liability only & Other Driver has no insurance, what should I do?

    I was involved in a car accident on 10/30. My car was hit and the other driver did not have a driver's license. I called the cops but they did not take any statements, only told us to exchange information. The other driver is not the registered ow...

    John’s Answer

    If you are looking to only collect your property damage, then you can get up to $7,500.00 in small claims court. If your car was worth more than you might consider filing in the local superior court.
    Consult a lawyer to see what option is best for you.

    Good luck

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  • My name appears in a lawsuit for an auto collision accident that I was never involved in.

    I was unaware of this lawsuit, until, I recently received a notice from a legal services company advertising their services stating that a legal court document had been recently filed. Yet, I have never received any legal documents regarding this ...

    John’s Answer

    I agree with most of the answers already posted. Sounds like it could be another person with the same name. However you should contact the plaintiff's attorney and determine if that is the case.

    once you are served turn it in to your insurance company with the your explanation that you were never in an accident.

    it should go away, but if you are unsure you should call a lawyer near you and have a consultation on this matter.

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  • Should I file a suit-car accident?

    I was involved in a car accident. Other driver didn't have valid driver's license and insurance.

    John’s Answer

    So the first question that needs answering is who was at fault?

    I you were not then you can make the other party pay for your "SPECIAL DAMAGES" Which are any out of pocket costs, as well as any medical bills and any property damage. You cannot obtain pain and suffering damages, unless the other driver was under the influence when the collision happened.

    If it was your fault, then you will be responsible, for the other parties damages, whether you have insurance or a license.

    You should speak with an Attorney who can advise you once the traffic collision report is generated.

    Good Luck.

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  • I was injured while being restrained by a security guard at a high end casino-am i able to file a injury suit?

    physical altercation between myself and another person, i'm the smaller or the 2 of us by over 60lbs. I was restrained and placed in a headlock by secrity guard and my shoulder and neck have been painfully and with lack of movement since this took...

    John’s Answer

    AS stated you can sue anyone, but that does not mean you will be successful and receive a damage award in your favor. Issues of reasonable force, maintaining the peace, so other patrons are not injured will arise.
    Your whole story needs to be assessed by a competent personal injury lawyer.

    He or she will advise you of the risk benefit of proceeding with a lawsuit and your chances of success.

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  • Advice needed for Car Accident settlement with Insurance Company

    Yesterday Mid Night, While I was driving home with my family (Wife and 13 month old toddler) , I got hit by a Dodge from Behind. My Drive Side Rare Door got damaged and my wife getting little back pain after that. That person who hit my car admit...

    John’s Answer

    First as long as you were not struck by a public entity you have two years to resolve your claim before formal legal action is required.
    Second, if you are going to undertake settlement negotiations for yourself and your family, do not sign or agree to settle anything until all of you have recovered from your complaints.
    The insurance company will want to obtain your medical records and bills incurred to estimate how much they will offer you on each claim.
    Personal Injury Lawyers do this on a daily basis and are knowledgeable on how to recommend a fair resolution of your claims.
    I suggest you consider speaking to a lawyer before you resolve your claims.

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  • My friend was hit by a person driving a rental car.

    My friend was hit by by a person who was driving a rental car. The police report indicated it was the fault of the person driving the rental car. The rental car company says that they will not pay for my damages because they say "the person who...

    John’s Answer

    Rental Car Company may have contractual provision that it will not be liable for drivers other than the renter.
    Similar to an exclusion in an insurance policy. If there is no coverage from the rental car company, tell your friend to submit the claim through their uninsured motorist coverage. Most likely they will have higher coverage than the rental car company for ownership liability, if it could be proven. In California it is only 15/30 per accident for ownership liability.
    Your friend should consult a competent Injury Attorney to represent her in this matter.

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  • Need arty, had back surgery can't walk ,24/7 pain , can't touch ,surgeon for some reasonn ,

    two back surgerys in 2001 - n always in pain can't barely walk, and now Dr, has me on strong med ,oxycodone 30mg. now I am hooked like a junky ,and get enough med for whole moth ,and suffering with withdraws ,besides my chronicle pain 24/7 - goin...

    John’s Answer

    First you need to find out what the statute of limitations is in Texas, for bringing an action against a Health Care Provider.

    Second you need to contact an Attorney to discuss this matter with you to see if your claim is still viable.
    A creative attorney may find some recourse for causing you to become addicted to opiate pain medication.
    Time is usually the plaintiff's enemy in not acting quickly after an injury.

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  • I had a slip and fall in water at a local grocery store last July, The stores insurance company is only accepting medical bills.

    In the last 15 months I have suffered daily with knee pain, stiffness, and nothing seems to dull the pain, Friday I finally had an MRI done it shows a Mild Partial ACL tear and Joint Effusion, along with mild patellar chondromalacia. Sho...

    John’s Answer

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    Depending on what state, jurisdiction, you are in your rights may differ.
    In California you have two years to bring an action in court.
    When you engage an Attorney He/She will most likely have to immediately file an action to try and obtain information from the store regarding the circumstances of your fall, from their perspective.
    In California, the store must have created the dangerous condition or been on notice that it existed, and failed to take reasonable steps to correct the condition.
    Any good injury lawyer will know these requirements and will advise you accordingly.
    Your injury is serious and worth pursuing.

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