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Michelle Alissa Ball

Michelle Ball’s Legal Guides

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  • Handling Disgusting, Inadequate Or Malfunctioning School Bathrooms in CA

    What parents can do to address dirty, unstocked, or half-working bathrooms at their kids schools: School Bathrooms- Are They A Mystery To You? Have you ever walked into the school bathrooms your child

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  • How Do You Get Your Kids School Records Released?

    School records created by a high school, elementary school, private school, or school district, can loom as an unknown for many parents. One way to debunk the mystery is to make a yearly request for the pupil records to be released. Per California Education Code section49069, a...

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  • Special Education Assessment Timelines

    The "Ottowa Citizen," a Canadian newspaper, recently reported (Feb. 2011) that there may be a 4 year wait to receive a special education assessment in that region, and that teachers are specifically being told not to refer students for aspecial education evaluation (see link to ...

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  • Is My Child a Truant?

    Being labelled a "truant" student (a pupil breaching the laws mandating school attendance) can be problematic. The process may lead to meetings with school officials, a School Attendance Review Board (SARB) hearing with a rigorous contract imposed on the family, or even court act...

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  • Twelve Steps To Ending Bullying in Schools

    Reports on bullying are everywhere in the news nowadays and negative impacts from bullying are common. For example, The New York Times reported on an attack of a Philadelphia boy by 7 youths on the way home from school. The victim was beaten by a group and then left hanging from ...

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  • What is a Charter School (California)?

    What is a CHARTER school? California parents want to know. Charter schools are authorized in the California Education Code starting with section 47600 the "Charter Schools Act of 199...

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