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Joseph Salvatore Farina

About Joseph Farina

About me

I've been a criminal defense attorney for 29 years.  Like many attorneys, I started out in the DA's office but quickly moved on to private practice.  In 1993, I opened the Law Offices of  Joseph S. Farina and have been in private practice ever since. 

From 2009 through 2013, I handled nothing but sex cases, includng child molestation, rape, sexual assault, statutory rape and possession of child pornography.  Of my last  42 felony jury trials dating back to December 2008, 38 have been sex cases.  I have a lot of trial experience in this area and am knowledgable about the applicable law.  The law regarding sex crimes is complicated, confusing and horrible for the defense.  The  sentencing schemes are equally complicated and confusing. 

I also handle other criminal defense matters such as assault, robbery,  burglaries, drug cases and gang related matters.  If you need an attorney, you want someone who is not only experienced, but who works hard for you and is not afraid to challenge the DA and judges.  Many attorneys seem afraid of judges who seem to know less than the they do but because they wear the black robes are afraid to stand up to them. 

I've made my reputation by being thoroughly prepared and unwilliing to compromise my client's constitutional rights.  Obviously I don't pick a fight with a judge if not necessary but I don't back down either.  Zealous and unyielding representation is critically important if you are to stand a fighting chance against a system that is stacked against the defendant.

If you have a question about a criminal defense matter or need legal representation, call me.  I offer free initial consultations and am available for  evening and weekend appointments..