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People v. Pannu (2009)

Case Conclusion Date: 10.09.2009

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: Acquitted of 3rd DUI after jury trial

Description: Client faced a 3-count misdemeanor complaint; Toxicology report showed presence of two controlled substances and alcohol. Client faced a minimum of 120 days in jail if convicted of the DUI; he rejected the Court offer of 190 days before trial, despite potential jail exposure of two years on the charges. After a 3-day trial, the jury acquitted him of the VC 23152(a) DUI charge, meaning the client was able to keep his driver's license (instead of a three-year license revocation) and did not have to take an 18-month DUI school. The DUI acquittal also afforded the client the option of treatment in lieu of jail on two drug-related counts for which guilty verdicts were returned, saving court fines of approximately $2,500.

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