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David Emilio Mastagni

David Mastagni’s Legal Guides

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  • New GASB Rules for Pensions: What Labor Leaders Need To Know

    Don't be caught off guard! In this webinar, Mastagni Law labor consultant Shayleen O. Mastagni and attorneys David E. Mastagni and Jeffrey R. A. Edwards lay out the nuts and bolts of the new GASB rules for pensions, what they really mean, what they don't, and how it impacts labor...

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  • The Public Employee Pension Reform Act: What AB 340 Means For Public Safety

    Governor Brown's pension reform package, AB 340, makes significant and far-reaching changes to public sector pensions in California. In this webinar, PORAC President Ron Cottingham joins Mastagni Law labor consultant Michael Jarvis and attorneys David E. Mastagni and Jeffrey R. A...

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