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Roland Tiemann’s Legal Guides

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  • When Can A Landlord Enter A Residence

    Reasons A Landlord Can Enter A Rental Unit California law states that a landlord can enter a rental unit only for the following reasons: (1) in an emergency, (2) tenant has moved out/abandoned the u

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  • Obtaining Refund of Security Deposits

    Do You Need A Lawyer In small claims court you can recover the amount of the security deposit plus court costs, and possibly also a penalty and interest, up to a maximum of $7,500. For amounts great

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  • Juvenile Criminal Cases

    Police Contact with Juveniles The police do not have to have parental consent or permission to talk to a juvenile. A juvenile is supposed to invoke his rights to remain silent and to request his/her

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  • How Probation Works (Informal vs. Formal)

    Informal/Summary Court Probation If you are placed on Summary/Informal Probation, you don’t report to a Probation Officer instead you are required to complete the specific terms of the sentencing and

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  • Response to Police Questioning

    Lawyer Up If the police are looking for you, immediately contact an attorney who will do pre-arrest representation. It’s stressful when you know the police are looking for you but it doesn’t have to

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  • Miranda Rights

    Do The Police Have to Read You Your Miranda Rights It’s important to note that Miranda rights do not have to be read until you are taken into custody. That means that you can be questioned by the pol

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  • Citizens Guide to Domestic Violence

    Can My Wife/GF Drop the Charges No, only the District Attorney can drop the domestic violence charges against you and this is unlikely to occur. The prosecutor, not the victim, makes the charging dec

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  • California Medical Marijuana

    Keep A Valid Medical Marijuana Recommendation Always keep your recommendation up to date, in your possession, and posted near your plants. In personal use cases, many officers will not arrest you if

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