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Mark Harry Sollitt

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  • Didnt show up for my deadline for my dui wet and reckless

    i was told to finish my dui classes and pay a fee, i already turned in my community service and completed it and did a few classes of my alcohol anonymous classes which i have 4 more left. but 2 days ago was my deadline to pay the fee and show the...

    Mark’s Answer

    There are different kinds of warrants. This type of a warrant will usually allow a second referral to the DUI classes. Have you attorney put you back on calendar. If you don't have an attorney, go to the criminal clerk ans ask them to put you on calendar "pro per" or have your public defender put you on calender. Have a good reason as to why you did not keep up with your classes. Usually money problems is a good issue. You could end up going to jail, but most judges will give a second chance, but just one chance, to get back into the DUI classes. Mark Sollitt

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