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Jonathan Gregg Stein

Jonathan Stein’s Legal Guides

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  • Five Key Insurance Programs for Small Businesses

    Most people know the importance of auto insurance and homeowners insurance. Small-business owners, however, sometimes overlook the importance of insuring their business. This guide covers five key insurance programs for small businesses.

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  • How to Respond After a Car Accident

    Pull Over to the Side of the Road There is very little reason to leave your car in the middle of the road after an accident. In fact, it is generally not safe to leave your car in the road. You are j

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  • Bankruptcy or Debt Negotiation: A Cost Comparison

    If you are dealing with growing debt, you may be considering bankruptcy ( However, for some consumers, debt negotiation is a better, less expensive option. How do you deci

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  • Auto Insurance in California: What You Should Know

    In California, it is mandatory that all drivers have auto insurance. In fact, to register a car, you must either provide proof of insurance or have your insurer send it to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) electronically. An insurance agent will offer you many different opti...

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  • Debt Settlement Tips

    Debt collectors file hundreds, even thousands, of lawsuits each year to collect money, when most of these cases could be resolved without litigation. These five tips will help you resolve your debt case before you are sued and before you incur the expense of an attorney.

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