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Paul Seibert’s Answers

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  • My landlord is saying since I signed my lease in Jan I owe back rent for that month even though the increase was for Feb.

    I was given a notice my rent would increase by 10s percent in Feb of 13 , I also had sign a new lease to lock in that price or I would owe and extra $ 100 for month to month . I signed it in Jan and did not notice it was for Jan , I just thoug...

    Paul’s Answer

    Ordinarily, your landlord is required to give you notice of changes in your rental agreement a certain period of time before the change goes into effect (typically, at least 30-days notice). Whether you were on a month-to-month during 2012 or a lease that terminated at the end of 2012, January 2013 would be treated as a month-to-month tenancy requiring the minimum notice period. For your landlord to win this one in court, he/she would have to prove that you had agreed to pay additional back rent for January as a condition of entering into the new 2013 lease. Apparently, that was not your understanding.

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