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Andrew David Woll

About Andrew Woll

About me

   Andrew Woll began practicing law in 1979 when he opened his own practice in Santa Ana, California.  While in Santa Ana he tried many criminal cases to verdict while simultaneously working as an engineer in order to finance his growing practice.

   In 1981 he moved to Placerville, California.  He accepted a job in Sacramento as an insurance defense and construction lawyer.  After a few years he went to work as a defense attorney in Auburn, California.

   While litigating a construction case in the Lake Tahoe area, he met John Byrd, the managing partner at Barrett, Penney and Byrd, and was invited to join his firm.  In 1984 he joined BPB, and eventually took over as the senior managing partner in 1997.  In 1999, the firm was dissolved and the partners went their own ways.

   Mr. Woll moved his full time plaintiff's practice to Placerville, and continues to practice there today, although at a much reduced pace.  Over the years he has acted as primary trial counsel in over 75 jury trials, has  served as an arbitrator in over 1000 cases, has worked as a mediator in over 100 matters, and serves as a part time judge for the County of El Dorado Superior Court. He was a senior member of the legal team that defended The Neptune Society in the Neptune Society Class Action case.  At the time it was the largest Class Action ever handled by the California Courts.

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