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Mary Diane Anderson

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  • Do I have to list my CD and IRA on the financial disclose form (FL-142)?

    I was wondering if I established a CD or an IRA before I was married in another state, do I have to reveal it in financial disclose during a CA divorce?

    Mary’s Answer

    Yes. You are required to list all your assets as well as debts but you can note if any of them are your sole and separate property

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  • I am going to be going through a divorse and would like to know do i need a lawyer?

    I owned a home with my husband and we quick claimed it to his mother. She gave me a promise to pay note. I have never received any money and neither has my husband. Hes the one who filed but he never said anything about the house or the 401 k he h...

    Mary’s Answer

    Yes - when there is a retirement that needs to be divided and a home that needs to be determined ownership - then you would be wise to get an attorney to protect you.

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  • My dad died and his wife will not give us his tangible personal property even though some of it is my deceased mothers.

    My dad had a trust but no assets in it because they took out loans on my dads house to pay off her house & ended up losing his house so he has no assets worth money now she will not give us his tangible personal property and she knows his w...

    Mary’s Answer

    I agree with both James and Christine. Your best option is to hire an attorney to write a demand letter - that is also the most cost effective. To go to court would be much more expensive and an uphill battle for items that are potentially difficult to "prove ownership"

    The real difficulty are the emotions that you must go through because the items probably have more sentimental value than monetary value.

    I'm sorry for your loss

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  • Can my waiver of alimony be overturned due to extenuating circumstances?

    My divorce was final March 2010. In September of 2012 my ex spouse and I started seeing each other, I made plans with his confirmation to stop working and move into his residence with him in January of 2013, which I did. Two days after moving in (...

    Mary’s Answer

    It really depends on the language in your MSA so it is difficult to give you a complete answer. In general, if the MSA waives support then you cannot "change your mind" at a whim. There is a statute of limitations of one year to set aside a divorce unless you can prove fraud etc.

    One of your best options is to seek a consultation with a family law attorney to review your MSA and options.

    Sometimes when there is "a change in circumstances" support can be increased or decreased

    Good luck to you

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  • Is there any part of America where i can marry again even if i m married and did not get divorce from first wife.

    someone told me that in south america u can marry someone else even if u r married.. please tell me..

    Mary’s Answer

    No - you can only be married to one person at a time or you are committing bigamy, which is a crime! Get a divorce first - California is a "no fault" state so you can get a divorce for any reason.

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