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Richard C Koman

Richard Koman’s Legal Guides

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  • Do You Really Want to Sue?

    Convince the Lawyer You come into an attorney's office and you have your story. You have to convince me that I want your case. If you're paying for my time by the hour, sure, that makes it more likel

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  • Does Filing Bankruptcy Hurt Your Credit Worthiness?

    Usually when I meet with people in my Sonoma County offices in Santa Rosa, one of the first questions they have is, how bad will filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy be for my credit? Will I be able to rent again? Will I be able to buy a car?Of course a bankruptcy stays on your credit...

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  • Problem with Your Rental? A Guide for Calif, Tenants

    Call Your Landlord Assume the best. If there's a problem, a friendly call should set the problem right. At this stage you want to stay on good terms with the landlord and get the problem resolved. Bu

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  • Eviction After Foreclosure in California

    Homeowners - The end is near Your house was foreclosed and sold at auction. There's a new owner now and it's not you. It's a bank. At some point what will happen is that you will get a Notice of Poss

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  • Should I Choose LLC or S Corp for My Small Business?

    Why not a sole proprietorship? It's dirt cheap to run your business as a sole proprietorship. There's no filing fees, no minimum taxes, no paperwork, other than the city business taxes and the like t

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  • Understanding Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    Understand Bankruptcy Before deciding whether bankruptcy makes sense, you must understand this simple truth. Bankruptcy is about protecting your property when your debts are overwhelming. If you have

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  • How to Evict a Tenant in California

    Can you work it out? You have a right to prompt payment of the rent. If the rent is late or not forthcoming, you have a right to possession. But perhaps you can work out an arrangement with your tena

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