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Erin Aaland’s Answers

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  • Car accident, police report, not my fault, lower back and neck pain after the accident.

    I was hit from behind while I was at a complete stop on 4/5/12. I was driving with a co-worker both of us have pain on lower back and neck. the Insurance company has already declare a total loss for my truck ($?) and offering me $500.00 for m...

    Erin’s Answer

    It is much too early to discuss settlement with the defense carrier.

    If you and your co-worker were "on the clock" when accident happened, you may need to file a worker's comp claim. You may still have a separate claim against the other driver.

    If you have medpay on your auto policy or health insurance to cover your medical bills, don't even talk to defense insurance carrier until you are done treating. If you don't have medpay or health insurance, or if you are still in treatment in 4 - 5 months, call a lawyer.

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  • I believe the Ins.Company is ready to make an offer. How much should I be asking for or should I get A Lawyer??

    I broke my tooth on an object cooked inside the food I was eating. The restaurant immediately had me mail object to their Headquarters to determine if it came from their Manufactory. After several weeks it was determined that it came from one of t...

    Erin’s Answer

    It sounds like they're passing the buck to the outsource company while in the meantime, you're running out of time to file. If this goes on beyond the statute of limitations period, you won't get a dime, even if they made an offer.

    Call a local attorney right away.

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