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About Joann Gould

About me

Welcome to Manteca, California, nestled in the Central Valley, half way between Stockton and Modesto.  When investigating moving my office from the South Bay City of Cupertino, one of my long time clients in Tracy said, "Come to the Central Valley, we don't have any attorneys here that do the things that you do!" 


In 2008, as a solo practitioner, I opened my practice here in Manteca, California.  My practice is devoted to a full range of estate planning from larger estates with the need for tax planning to planning for long term care, from addressing ElderLaw issues to planning for multi–generations not to mention same-sex relationships.  I am also continuing my representation and assistance to small business.


I believe that there is an underserved population that has been hoodwinked by Trust Mills as well as lack of information about health care decisions.  I see daily the result of mismanagement of estates through the inappropriate use of powers of attorney.  I work with my clients to create documents based on their needs and wishes rather than the 'one size fits all' concept. 


In the event of illness, incapacity or death, I work with families, couples and individuals providing assistance with such matters as conservatorships, trust administration and probate. The cases I work often require special, individualized attention or have out–of–the–ordinary issues, such as out–of–state and out–of–country executor or trustee or caregiver.  I work regularly with conservatorships, probates, and other cases utilizing emerging law; such as Elder Abuse and health care advocacy.


Small business are always a challenge.  Often the business owner know the product or service to be provided, but is lost in dealing with corporate governance, planning for the future, working within a budget and organizing the office matters.  We have done all of that, from starting a small business, carefully growing it over the years and addressing the day to day problems.


Because of my work with catastrophic illness such as Alzheimer's Disease, I work often with the 'family' aspect of client issues in connection with providing assistance to a designated caregiver child, protection to the spouse living at home whose husband or wife is in a nursing home, individuals with Special Needs, second marriages, and Medi–Cal long–term care benefits. I am also involved in the right–to–die cases and other cases related to health care issues which has led to my working with a health care professionals and professional fiduciaries.  


In the event of incapacity or death of a family member, my practice also includes working with trust and estate administration.  I also assist clients or families where an individual may have met with and employed a non–professional planner or trust mill resulting in inadequate estate planning documents. 


I enjoy my work in my community both as a speaker and as a team player with other professionals such as tax preparers, insurance firms and professionals fiduciarys.  I work with and speak to groups such as The Alzheimer's Association, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's support groups, and AARP, and local senior citizen's centers.  As part of my investment in the community, I speak to professional, religious and community groups such as professional investment organizations, local Rotary groups, The Lions Club, Chambers of Commerce and other fraternal organization.