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Marilyn E. Moreno

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  • Excellent family law firm!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I would not hesitate to recommend Marilyn and her team at the The Moreno Family Law Firm. Marilyn and her team are outstanding. They're the perfect combination of tenacity and pragmatism. I always felt confident that they would go full throttle when the situation required it but would not be needlessly adversarial when there was nothing to be gained or a lot to be lost. As a team they work efficiently which means cost savings for you as a client. For example, Marilyn would work on the elements she needed to and for other things I'd work with Virginia (a fantastic junior attorney) and Cary (quite simply one of the best paralegals I've ever seen). The team are professional, efficient and most of all caring. They get the job done. Well. And throughout this difficult process, they never let you forget that you are their number one priority and they're going to get the best result they can for you. I honestly can't thank them enough for getting me through one of the most difficult chapters of my life.

  • Amazing Person

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Marilyn started working with me in 2009 and we've been handling the chaos of my ex ever since.

    With the divorce, she immediately instilled a lot confidence in me. She guided me and supported me in realizing that I should not be backing down on some of the obvious things, but just important, could understand that my ex and I wanted to keep the divorce cordial. We used a mediator and the divorce proceeded smoothly. I had a great settlement and we all walked away feeling like the right thing was happening. Following the settlement, things have been difficult with my ex and we have done great work making sure all the bases are covered.

    Her best strength is her experience and extremely sharp assessment of the issues involved. I really really needed someone to prop be up after all the abuse I had sustained and she did that. As well, she did a lot of things I feel were above and beyond. An example is when she confronted my ex after court to remind her of all the actions we were holding back just so that she could have one more try to shape up. Another is getting in her car personally to meet someone to plead her into doing a deposition.

    I have every confidence in her and her partners to keep my kids safe and keep me ready for what might be next.

  • Do NOT hire this firm!

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    "RUN, dont walk.... in the opposite direction!" is the warning that comes to mind, when I think of the Moreno Family Law firm.

    Marilyn is an incredible sales person. Having been in the legal field for over 25 years, she comes across as knowledgeable, caring and truly empathetic..... unfortunately, only the knowledgeable part is true. The part about caring and showing empathy were both farces.

    We did a lot of research on family law attorneys before choosing to go with the Moreno Family Law firm. We met with 3 other attorney's in person, and spoke with another 2 via phone. Marilyn seemed to be exactly what was needed! She presented herself as someone who would go to bat for her client. In our meetings, she reassured me that she would personally be managing my case, should I decide to go with her firm.

    After a $450 consultation fee, an $8K retainer ( which was used up in the first 2 weeks of my case) and a second $8K retainer, which was used up in the next 3 weeks.... I found myself out of pocket $48K iin 4 months, with no resolve on my case. Marilyn handed my case off to an Associate Attorney in the first 2 weeks. Looking back, I feel her practice is to incite fear in her clients ever step of the way, allowing her firm to rake in the dough with increased hours of billing on activities that generated NOTHING. Once I stressed the fact that I was tapped out financially, their stance changed, pushing me towards giving my wife sole physical custody and myself having visitation only. This is after they had repeatedly told me that there was no way I could lose, as my wife had a criminal record.

    I was one of the fortunte ones, who had an attorney in the family (albeit of out state) who reviewed all documents and actions taken by the Moreno Family Law Firm and advised me every step of the way. If it were not for this family member, I would have conceded to the settlement Marilyn and her Associate Attorney were pushing me towards.

    I have since switched attorneys and it was the best thing I could have done. I now have 50/50 custody of my children and my divorce will be final this month.

    I cannot stress this enough... Do not use this law firm. If you are anything like me, having equal timeshare with your children is incredibly important. The Moreno Family Law Firm is more than likely going to suck you dry and leave you with nothing

    Marilyn E. Moreno’s response: “Once again, I don't know which supposed client wrote this negative review. I always know exactly who writes the positive reviews, but the negative ones are unknown to me. The wives always seem to have criminal records, however. This "client" also complains that they were handed off to an associate attorney. If you want me to handle all aspects of your case personally, then you have to make that clear up front and that is the way it will be. But I can tell you right now that is a very expensive way to go and in most cases you are wasting your money. I have very capable associates who bill at lower rates than I do, and when appropriate, that is exactly what happens. By having multiple associates there is always someone here who can assist you in an emergency. I do supervise all of the cases but I do not make all of the court appearances. This appears to be a custody case. I almost never promise to make all of the appearances in custody cases because certain associates do most of the custody work and I focus more on cases with complicated financial issues. It is absolutely untrue that myself or my firm has ever pushed anyone to accept the other spouse with sole physical custody and our client have only visitation. On rare occasions where our client needs to be rehabilitated from some past serious indiscretion then the result may work out that way, but it is because the court ruled that way not because we pushed for it. This basic falsehood makes me question the authenticity of this entire review. It is also almost impossible for an out-of-state lawyer to advise on California divorce cases because divorce is different for every state, and simply knowing general legal principals would not be sufficient to offer meaningful advice. Without question, divorce can be expensive and stressful. We are fully cognizant of this fact, and do everything in our power to see you through you divorce as quickly and efficiently as possible, while still achieving the goals you have set forth. If you want to believe the above review is from an actual client, then you should run don't walk to another attorney. I will just reiterate that I know every person who has posted a positive review on AVVO, and they were all actual clients. I have no idea who posted this review. If this is an actual former client, I encourage them to contact me to hear my side of the story.”
  • I will not recommend this attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    I had a complex case and hired her. She totally over charged me. I became broke after the case but I did not get the service I paid for. She did not work on my case after she took my money. She sent me to an attorney recently graduated from law school who didn't know what he was doing and was not prepared for court. I felt cheated. I lost my money and my case. I will not refer anyone to her.

    Marilyn E. Moreno’s response: “There aren't enough facts here for me to comment, but I will say that the only male lawyer I have working for me in the last year is an excellent attorney who had worked as an attorney for several years before coming to work for me. So the one fact I can identify, that he had a male associate fresh out of law school, is incorrect. I don't know who this is that posted this negative review. I know every person that posted a positive review is an actual client or former client.”
  • I have custody of my 2 beautiful children!! Marilyn Moreno and her staff were amazing! I recommend her highly!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eli

    In December of 2012, I found myself having to fight for the custody of my two children. They lived in San Jose, CA and I realized I would need an attorney in that area. I looked around for the right lawyer and decided on Marilyn Moreno and her staff to handle my case. From the start they were very competent, knowledgeable and professional. My case quickly became complicated when some disturbing allegations surfaced having to do with my children's mother. Marilyn Moreno and her staff acted swiftly and knew exactly how to handle it. I really felt that they gave my case the priority it needed and they made a very happy customer out of me. I now have custody of my two beautiful children and I thank the Moreno Family Law Firm for all they did. I am glad that I had them standing with me and giving me the right advice. They were more than instrumental in this nightmarish journey and I believe they were truly God sent. If you are looking for a good, competent and effective lawyer, I highly recommend the Moreno Family Law Firm.


    Eli S.
    Richmond, CA

  • Excellent Service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Casey

    Marilyn and team was extremely professional and efficient in their representation of me during my divorce. They provided very helpful advice as I was navigating the legal ramifications of divorce and assisted with all of the paperwork and filings. I would recommend them to anyone for similar services.

  • Tough as nails

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    I had sole physical custody of my son and my ex-wife filed to take him away from me. I was a nervous wreck! Marilyn not only put my fears at ease, but she was there for me every step of the way. Extremely responsive to my emails (Sometimes within minutes!), kind, caring, and her staff is amazing!

    I was scared to head into court because my previous attorney was soft and i needed someone to fight for me. The minute we got in front of the judge, Marilyn put on her boxing gloves and fought hard! She just walked all over my ex's lawyer making him look like he has never practiced before! I was utterly amazed with her fervor and tenacity.

    In the end, we shut down my ex wife, I did not have to pay my ex's lawyers fees, and I got everything I wanted from this hearing.

    I would, without hesitation, refer anyone to Marilyn. If you want a "Tough-as-nails" lawyer, someone who will fight hard for you, and someone who really makes you feel like you are being cared for, Marilyn is hands down the lawyer you need. With lawyers you really do get what you pay for, and Marilyn is worth EVERY penny!

  • Experienced and Compassionate Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Darlene

    Marilyn’s staff is great! I want to thank each and every one of you for all your hard work over the past several years. You guys always made me feel like you truly cared about me as a person not just as a case.

    Josephine was always so sweet and patient no matter how many times I called in a day. Carrie was there in the beginning, she was very kind and was truly a huge help. Tiffany is amazing with figures, her professionalism and expertise were invaluable. Lily is one sharp, hard working young lady and will go far. Keep reminding her she will move up faster with her degree in hand! :) And a big thank you to the all the others who did things for me and my case behind the scenes.

    Marilyn, you did an excellent job for me and my case. Now I will be able to move forward with my life, less the hassles and lies from my ex! I promise I will not second guess my decision to settle. I believe it was supposed to happen this way. Buena suerte on your next case.

  • Very tough lady

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I had an extremely difficult divorce. After our second child was born, my wife gradually became totally focused on our children. But not in what I felt was an appropriate manner. She would buy them totally extravagant things that we couldn't afford even though I make good money. She also babied them so much, and thought I was intruding when I tried to do anything with them.

    I'm trying to deal with this by talking and being reasonable, but I felt she was totally unreasonable and sometimes the discussions could et a little heated. One day the police show up and I'm arrested and then she serves me with divorce papers. This was really a set up, I think.

    I hired Ms. Moreno. Another lawyer at her firm got the criminal charges dismissed. If that hadn't happened she told me I really would have been in bad shape. The hard part about my case has been the custody part. My ex didn't want to give me any time with the kids at all. And at first, because of the criminal charges, I really didn't have any. But more than a year later I now have 50/50, and I don't know that I will ever get better than that but I don't think it will ever be less either. Ms. Moreno had to fight tooth and nail just to get that.

    I'm very happy I hired her. She is tough, knows the law and was very prepared.