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Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich

Thomas Cvietkovich’s Answers

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  • I was arrested for Domestic violence and now out on bailed can the case goes dissmisal with no victim presents and witness?

    it was saturday night when i got arrested back in oct 2014 appointed lawyer and spent 4 days in county jailed and bailed out. restraining was granted and I beleived my ex hasnt showed up in court nor the witness and I never been arrested before in...

    Thomas’s Answer

    Was there a 911 call? 911 calls can sometimes be used against you regardless of whether the victim shows up at court.

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  • Can i sue someone for wrongfully accusing me and sending me to jail, then for the judge dismissing it or rejecting the charges?

    It happened 2012. It was over real estate title. I was wrongfully accused of assault and battery. But the real facts were that i told this person that i was going to do my own investigation on what really happened to our moms house. She then came...

    Thomas’s Answer

    The costs of going to trial probably outweigh any benefit. I think you'll have a tough time finding a lawyer to take this on contingency.

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  • I am a minor and I shoplifted something worth $96 . Will it be in my records? How much will the store charge me? And the court?

    This was my first time, and I have a clean record. I signed a contract with the store saying I could no long come in, but I am afraid it will be on my records. And can I go to jail? What is the usual decision made by the court in these cases? And ...

    Thomas’s Answer

    Typically if this case is charged it can be settled for an infraction (just a fine and no probation, also not a criminal offense) or a civil compromise in which you pay the store back for any loss and the store agrees to have the DA dismiss the case.

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