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Robert Edward Nuddleman

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    The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview of the Labor Commissioner process, and to educate claimants and employers regarding what they can expect during the process. Summary Of The Procedur

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  • I'm an Employer, You're an Employer, We are Employers All! - Lessons for the Care Provider Industry

    In early 2013, a California appellate court rendered its decision in Guerrero v. Superior Court. The decision significantly impacts elder care providers and serves as a warning to ensure you, your clients and their service providers follow California and Federal wage and hour law...

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  • Someone’s Taking Care of Grandma, But Which Wage Order Applies? And Why Does It Matter?

    Grandma is getting on a bit in years, and now needs some additional help.She can get around with her walker, but she cant drive and sometimes she needs help getting up from the chair, or using the restroom, or getting meals ready. The only family members living nearby also have d...

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  • 7 Important Changes To California Employment Laws in 2012

    Whether you are an employee or an employer, the California legislature has made some significant changes that can impact your workplace. Most of the changes became effective January 1, 2012. The following is a brief summary of those changes:

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  • Charging Time Off Against Available PTO, Sick or Vacation Time for Exempt Employees

    I am often asked: If an exempt employee leaves work early for a medical appointment or other appointment, can the employer charge those hours against available sick leave, PTO or vacation hours? The simple answer is, most likely, but the employer cannot reduce the employee'...

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  • How To Calculate An Employee's Regular Rate of Pay and Overtime Rate of Pay: Salaried Employees

    Calculate The Weekly Rate of Pay A non-exempt employee's salary only compensates the employee for the first 8 hours in a day or the first 40 hours in a week. Therefore, we start by determining the e

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  • Hiring Right: Hiring Employees Without Getting Into Hot Water

    Finding the Right Candidates Hiring Right! begins with finding qualified candidates. Before you begin your search make sure you know what you are looking for. Explore your requirements and talk to

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  • Deciding Which Attorney to Hire

    Consider your needs. You will want an attorney knowledgeable about the applicable area of law in your case, but you also need an attorney that will meet your needs. Before hiring any attorney consid

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