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Jeffrey David Janoff

Jeffrey Janoff’s Answers

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  • Do I have a malpractice case?

    While pregnant my dr prescribed me valium and doxepin he told me my whole pregnancy multiple times there was no way this medication could get through to my baby,when she was born both medications were in her system and she had to be transferred an...

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    the question is whether or not the medication prescription fell below the standard of care for a physician in your community. You need to obtain an expert opinion from an OB/GYN before knowing whether or not to proceed. In addition if your baby does not have any residual injury from the alleged malpractice there may be insufficient damages to proceed. You should check with a malpractice attorney in your town.

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  • I had a diamond peal treatment in a known cosmetic company . can i file a case against them? the treatment damage my skin?

    what case should i file in this situation? after my treatment my skin damage a lot.. please give me advice on what to do..

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    Before you can make a claim against the cosmetic company you would have to first obtain the records of your visit or visits to them. Once you have the records you would need to have a reputable cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist review the records to see if the treatment fell below the standard of care. If it was below the s/c then you have a valid claim for damages.

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