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Damian R. Castaneda

Damian Castaneda’s Legal Guides

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  • How do you state the amount of punitive damages in your lawsuit?

    Its IMPROPER TO ALLEGE PUNITIVES IN COMPLAINT It is improper to allege in the complaint the amount of punitive damages sought (Civ.C. 3295(e)) because this is not reasonably calculated to apprise the defendant of potential financial liability for punitive damages if judgment is ...

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  • Your "guests" might become unintended subtenants who are entitled to notice before eviction

    If you allow someone to live with you, that person may have rights as a subtenant. You may have to give them a 30-day notice and file an unlawful detainer action to evict them.

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  • Serving a Lawsuit: What do you do when the defendant refuses to accept court papers?

    1. Defendant's refusal to accept service. Sometimes the greatest challenge in serving a defendant is locating them. But what do you do when you find them and they refuse to accept the papers? For example, you might knock on their door, but they refuse to open it and tell you to ...

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