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Nancie Yomtov

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  • The Best Divorce Lawyer I ever met, and hired!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jenny

    My case had been with another lawyer for 4 years because my ex- was a truly ugly person who tried to take all of my property even though he contributed nothing thru ought the marriage. After 4 years, my previous lawyer had not come to even a beginning of resolution. I almost gave up but I found Nancy here and decided I would try again. To my surprise and delight, she was very supportive and her staff, Connie, were willing to work with me patiently. I needed to be calmed and they helped completely not just with the legal aspects but also with the emotional drain. She was very knowledgeable and very supportive. She gave me clear directions to follow to collect my documents and information. We reviewed step by step and document by document. She helped me by asking the right questions and enabling me to document my side of the conflict. When we were in court, she was completely in control and made it clear to me that everything was going to be fine. She never made a misstep or mistake and always ended each session by telling me not to worry as we proceeded through the court processes. Without her, I would have lost the case, my house and much more I am sure. Instead, she was so prepared that the other side gave up all claims.

    I feel that Nancie and her staff put all of their energy to work for their client. I would even note that she was very responsive to all of my questions and would respond to my emails within a single day max. She and Connie even took the time to meet with my Daughter and Son to explain and try to calm them during the most difficult times.

    Finally, property division trial ended today with our winning completely. I still have the biggest smile on my face as I write this review. Thank you Nancie as you saved my life and my family.

    I realize she is not the least expensive but her experience and quality legal advice are worth every penny. I can personally attest as I started with a cheap one but that turned out to cost me twice as much with nothing resolved in the end.

    Thank you Nancie and Connie. Best Wishes.

    Hired attorney
  • Thank God for Nancie

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Wayne

    The first attorney I talked with said that I'd end up giving half of everything to my ex, no matter what I had before marriage. Thank God I hired Nancie instead.

    Mine was a very complicated divorce, with a tangled web of assets, financial misdeeds by my ex wife, DV committed by my ex wife, and heinous false allegations made against me. Nancie was calm and reassuring, keeping me informed of realistic expected outcomes.

    When I first met Nancie, I told her that custody of my son was the most important issue. I ended up with legal and physical custody of my son, the house, and my work retirement plans. I had the truth on my side, but I needed Nancie's expertise to get what I deserved.

    Don't be fooled by Nancie's calm demeanor, she fought fiercely on my behalf. Divorce is not cheap, but looking at how it turned out Nancie preserved assets for me worth 3 - 4 times what I paid her. Thanks to Nancie, my son and I have a good base upon which to start over.

    I'd be remiss if I did not mention the excellent support staff. I worked mostly with Connie and she was excellent to work with, as was all the staff. David (Nancie's son) is the other attorney in the office and he gave me some good advice as I navigated through a financial crunch brought on by the divorce.

    Having a good case is important, as is actively participating - I was diligent tracking down the documents that Nancie needed. Equally or more important is having a good lawyer, and I had a GREAT lawyer. Thank you, Nancie!

  • Great, friendly family attorney whose first interest is to help you

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bogdan

    Nancie stands apart from other attorneys I talked to or observed, by serving your best interest even when you don't know what your best interest is. She has a great amount of experience and is very knowledgeable in all matters of family law. She makes sure she always provides value, unlike other attorneys, who are viewing their clients mainly as financial source for their business. Most importantly, she always takes the stance of reducing the conflict, and not further inflaming it, without being a pushover.
    I highly recommend working with Nancie.

  • Because she took the punches for me, it saved my sanity.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by v.s.

    Approximately 5 years after my divorce, my x husband and his new girlfriend had dreams of starting a new life and moving out of state. The problem - they wanted to take my kids with them. In order for them to do this, I would have to give up or have my custody taken away. Knowing that I would never give up my custodial rights, they devised a plan of deceit, manipulation and harassment, using the court system as one of the vehicles. I was shocked to learn that no matter how stupid the claims are, the court will take it seriously. I was therefore thrown into a position of defending my life and my children's lives solely based on how many times my child showered in one week, or that I was a bad parent because I did not allow my 8 year old to have a cell phone. Ultimately the goal was to cause strain on my professional life, drain me emotionally, physically, and financially, so that I would have no other choice but to give in to their demands. I tried to reason with my x and his new girlfriend, but eventually lost my willpower to fight. I then asked Nancie for help. She took up my cause and stood strong in front of the opposition. She was my rock when I could no longer reason with the lies and misconceptions from my ex and his attorney. Once they realized that the diversion would no longer work, we could focus on the law. Steadfast and strong, she crossed the finish line, closed the case with little to no modifications and life resumed back to normal. Because she took the punches for me, it saved my sanity. When you need someone to be your "rock" - its Nancie.

  • Recommendation of Nancie YOMTOV, esq.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Pete

    Nancie Yomtov is by far the most competent, professional, ethical and insightful attorney a person could hope for. However, it is her intangibles that I will remember: her compassion for her client, her willingness to LISTEN and her ability to see the big picture. In sum, she "does the right thing." In my case, I was a very frightened client. I stood to lose a substantial financial sum. She recognized this and calmed me by addressing my legal, financial, emotional and even spiritual conflicts within me. Through her insightfulness, I was able to establish a dialogue with my estranged wife ("ex"). In short time, my estrangd wife and I established a working settlement. My ex had hired two previous attorneys, and was distraught, because of the unethical advice given to her; this advice was devisive and contrary to our mutual desire to be open and resolve our divorce with dignity. We both highly desired an amicable divorce to heal the wounds and keep a dialogue during and post divorce. Nancie recognized this and adjusted her focus on healing, as well as keeping my interests in mind. At my ex's request, nancie spoke with her and provided ethical and direct comments to assure my ex that she was being dealt with acoording to our mutual desires. Nancie insisted on my ex retaining comptent counsel, who would listen and conform to her desires and our mutual agreement. My ex stated that she only wished that she had found Nancie first. In sum, the matter was resolved according to everyone's wishes. In addition, Nancie stated that resoving this matter amicably and with compassion saved me and us, aggravation and money. How many attorrneys will say that? If there were more attorneys like Nancie Yomtov, the public attitude toward attorneys would be improved and people like my ex would not have been in turmoil. I am grateful for Nancie's professionalism and her compassion!

  • Knowledgeable, smart, professional, caring - the best family lawyer I have met.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Inna

    I am in the middle of divorce that involves custody and assets. My case is complicated and been dragging for years. I have interviewed many lawyers and had worked with one prior to Nancie. Unhappy with how it was going, I decided to investigate change of attorney and my friend told me about Nancie.

    From first meeting I could tell, I have not met any one who knew the law, had clear picture as to where to take my case, and moved fast on pressing issues. Nancie is easy to talk to, she tells you things direct as they are, she really knows the law and explains it to me so that I can make my decisions informed. Her advice is always smart and to the point. She is a hard worker and sacrificed her personal time, to help me meet deadlines. She treats her clients as they are her only client, giving them all her thought and talent. She is professional and direct but also ethical. She does not take cheap shots at other party but does great job protecting me from personal attacks. I am in good hands now and divorce is moving along more in last year, then in all the years before with previous attorney.
    Her office staff also the best I have seen - help full, responsive and courteous.

    I am hoping to see the end of the divorce soon, and I know whatever the outcome, it would be the best it could possibly be, with Nancie as my lawyer.

  • Continual Thumbs Up!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I hired Nancy for a very complicated and challenging case involving my family of origin. In an effort to save time, I'd like to summarize a review of Nancie by saying is a professional, caring, honest problem solver "who gets it!" I echo the other reviewer's words "she's the best."

  • Don’t loose HOPE here is a One of A Kind Family Lawyer…Thank You Nancie…

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Single Mother

    My Aunt referred me to Nancie. Nancie took care of my Aunts divorce and Nancie son, David took care of my cousins child support case.

    I had my first consult with Nancie on December 16, 2002. I was 27 years old at the time and looking for someone to help me with my situation I got myself into. I didn’t listen to my father and I signed papers that my ex-boyfriend and his lawyer presented to me which made the case complicated and caused me to loose custody of my daughter. I was only allowed to see her one overnight visit every thirteen days.

    Nancie gave me hope and did not judge me because I know I was naïve to sign those papers. Nancie didn’t condemn me instead she helped me fix the mess I caused. I don’t fear being in family court, I know when I look to my side Nancie is with me. Nancie is very skilled in what she does, negotiating with respect to the other party and the other parties lawyer. Even though the other party’s lawyer talks like I am the worst mother when my only wrong is signing papers. Nancie responds in a respectful tone of voice very mellow and does not talk bad about the other party. Nancie is a one of a kind lawyer.

    Nancie is polite to the other lawyers in the court room and knows a lot of the other family lawyers as I watched her greet the other lawyers by first name. She greets the other party with a “hello, how are you.” The other party’s lawyer does not greet me.

    Nancie knows what she is doing and will be up front with you and always keep you updated. Nancie is mellow, but don’t let that fool you she can get frisky in negotiating with the other party. Nancie has good morals a lawyer with a heart, but firm in the court room.

    In results of Nancie's hard work I have gained joint physical and legal custody, even though the child resides with the father I have gained more time then what I had in the beginning. Custody cases are sometimes never ending. In 2006 the father tried to move our daughter away without consulting with me instead I received a letter of move.

    I was back in court again with my one of a kind lawyer Nancie. This was a bad move on the father's part. Nancie represented greatly in court and the courts granted for my daughter to reside with me my daughter was eleven years old at the time.

    In 2007 I was given an opportunity to bond with my daughter everyday for that year. It was a blessed year; I owe this to my Lawyer Nancie who is my angel. Nancie continued to fight for me to have time with my daughter.

    After a year the mediators felt in the best interest of the child she should go back with her father because of the stronger bond they share. Nancie advised me and I agreed in the best interest of the child to not fight in court to let her go back. Nancie was by my side every step of the way. Very rocky path for me, Nancie eased the pain with kindness and concern.

    Nancie was there by my side, she was there to comfort me as I cried. The time I met Nancie I had no hope and I was not at peace. Nancie has helped me gain what I have lost and gave me peace of mind. I continue to consult with Nancie as my family lawyer until now. Nancie is trustworthy.

    If you are looking for a family lawyer or need peace of mind for a custody issue I highly recommend Nancie Yomtov as a Family Lawyer.

  • Great Negotiator

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Nancie Yomtov was my lawyer in a very difficult divorce case with contentious child custody issues. Ms. Yomtov was the competent and calming element that helped close the matter with reasonable results. Without exception, I trust her judgement and advice to be in the best interest of her client and the children (if a custody issue).

  • Excelent Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Nancie Yomtov is a Divorce Lawyer that you can trust and depend on. Nancie is a lawyer full knowledge about any kind of support in legal issues. She's so honest and full support of her clients. Atty Nancie Yomtov is excellent Divorce Lawyer I will highly recommend her.