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Cameron Kennard Bowman

Cameron Bowman’s Legal Guides

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  • A Simple Guide to Sealing and Destroying Your Arrest Record in California

    Many people do not realize that having a criminal record doesnt always mean that you have been convicted of a crime. Merely being arrested (even if charges were never filed) can have an adverse effect on an individuals ability to obtain employment. This is especially true in tod...

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  • Frequently asked Questions about Domestic Violence Charges Part 1

    1. Dont I have to be married to be convicted of Domestic Violence (DV)? No. California Law defines Domestic Violence very broadly. Among other things it includes violence by anyone who is living together, is in a dating relationship, or who is the parent of a child in common with...

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  • How To Avoid a DUI

    Don't Take the Field Sobriety Exercises Remember that all "Field Sobriety Exercises" or FSTs are completely consensual. In other words, you are not required by law to take any of these tests. From my

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