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Jamie Nichole Harris

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  • Is my landlord responsible for investigating drug use by my neighbors?

    Our neighbors below us smoke marijuana often and it leads our entire apartment to reek (we have pictures of them doing so). I have complained multiple times to the apartment manager, but all the apartment property manager did was send a letter. ...

    Jamie’s Answer

    Your landlord has a duty to not turn a blind eye, yet they are not required to fully get involved. However, if the situation turns violent and you are a victim of a crime due to that neighbor your landlord may be held liable since they were put on notice of a possible hazard. But in regards to whether you have to continue living there for 10 more months arguably you do not. I would suggest first write a detailed letter to the landlord with your concerns and seeing if they will agree to allow you to move out within 30 days, and offer to allow them to show your unit. If your landlord is adamant they will pursue you if you move, then talk to an attorney in your area about other ways you may get out of your lease. You may have a good defense that the owner has breached the covenant of quiet enjoyment.

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  • Cited p488 misdemeanor for petty theft of $34. What can I do?

    I was caught shoplifting from JC Penny. Police were called, I was arrested and given a ticket and a court date, and then released. I'm 21 and this is my first offense of any kind and I have a clean record. I have several questions: 1. Wha...

    Jamie’s Answer

    1. At your first court date you will have an opportunity to enter a plea. If you want more time to think about your option you should plea not guilty and ask for more time. Also make time to get a copy of your police report from your clerk's office so you can read everything and have an understanding of how the arresting or citing officer interpreted what happened.

    2. If you are like some people, and want to take responsibility and move on with your life, when you are at your arraignment ask the Judge what the court offer is. Also, if a DA is there ask the DA as well. Due to the dollar amount you may be offered an infraction which is a fine only. Also ask if their are any programs or classes you can do to have a dismissal once you have completed the class. However, remember that if you plea no contest or guilty to a theft offense it is prior-able meaning that in the future if you commit another theft and are caught they will use this plea against you in charging you and you could face a more serious consequence.

    3. In most cases involving such a low dollar amount I have not had client go to jail. In some cases they received a fine only or a dismissal if a diversion type of program was available to them.

    4. If you cannot afford an attorney at all, talk to a public defender that is there. Their are there to counsel you thru the process and assist you in making your decision. ON the other hand, most criminal defense attorney do offer free consults so call one in your area and who is familiar with your area.

    Good Luck

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