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Indu Liladhar-Hathi

About Indu Liladhar-Hathi

About me

Ms. Liladhar-Hathi is truly a citizen of the world. Indian in origin, Ms. Liladhar-Hathi was born in Tanzania, E. Africa and educated in England. She worked as a Solicitor in London, England for about three years before coming to the U.S.A. in 1987. Ms. Liladhar-Hathi was admitted to the California Bar in 1989. She started her career at Robinson & Wood where she practiced for three years before setting up her own firm. Living in different countries, with different cultures and languages has provided Ms. Liladhar-Hathi with an understanding and respect for new immigrants to the U.S.


Ms. Liladhar-Hathi handles global immigration needs of businesses and represents numerous local IT companies, school districts, international medical graduates, healthcare employers, outstanding professors and researchers in a wide variety of occupations. Ms. Liladhar-Hathi also has experience in securing temporary work permits for healthcare professionals and preparing green card applications. She offers competitive legal fees and honest and transparent billing procedures