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Erin Patricia Farley

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  • Is there something I'm missing?

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rose

    I would absolutely 100% recommend Erin Farley to a friend, and have already done so twice! LOL!

    I can't understand why anyone would give a subpar review for Erin here on Avvo, and have instead found her to be an incredibly kind, intelligent and competent attorney.

    I was first referred to Erin by a friend in 2013 when my ex and I decided to separate. I was obviously anxious and upset at the time (not to mention a little untrustworthy of anyone in the legal profession...), but I knew I needed to speak to someone about what a divorce would actually mean for me and my family.

    Erin really helped me understand and come to terms with my divorce, and helped prepare me for everything that would follow (divvying up assets, custody battle, etc.)

    I eventually hired Erin to represent me during divorce proceedings in 2014, and could not be more happy with that decision. I was really angry at my ex at the time and at first thought of hiring a 'shark' lawyer to get what was mine, but through mediation with Erin I was actually able to come to an agreement with my ex and settle our divorce out of the court room.

    Not only did the settlement swing in my favor, but I do believe that attempting to avoid conflict during the divorce was what was best for my children. I also thing that our divorce mediations helped my ex and I become better co-parents today because it helped us put our family first instead of ourselves. We will, after all, be in each other's lives forever through our children, and I want to thank the Law Office of Erin Farley for understanding that and respecting it.

    Hired attorney
    Erin Patricia Farley’s response: “I am honored. Thank you!”
  • Thank you Erin!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chelsea

    Erin Farley helped me four years ago with a dicey landlord/tenant issue. Long story short: my roommates and I signed a contract and agreed to live in an apartment without being aware that our unit would be under construction while we lived there. After living amidst sawdust and construction workers who walked in and out without knocking, I asked a friend for the name of the lawyer who had recently helped her out. She recommended Erin, and I am so grateful she did!

    Erin was gracious, intelligent, determined, and even more importantly - personable! It was so lovely to work with an attorney who actually genuinely seemed to care about me and my situation. I've experienced other attorneys before who were 'wooden' and anti-social. Erin was the exact opposite and was truly compassionate.

    Not only was she helpful, she got the job done! My roommates and I soon got a drastic cut off our rent, got money back, and even got to stay in a different unit while they finished construction.


    Erin Patricia Farley’s response: “Thank you for choosing our office. It was my pleasure to work with you!”
  • Which side are you on?

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Attorney Erin Farley did a wonderful initial job until my spouse’s attorney got involved. I would instruct Ms. Farley to send communication to opposing counsel and after she agreed, it was forgotten about. The opposing counsel would simply ignore her communication and then Ms. Farley would never follow up on each matter. After months of this behavior, I was helpless due to the backlog of items I wanted addressed and then I felt stuck with her. The same mentality existed during hearings. The judge never seemed to be listening to her. For example, Erin would argue situations based on CA Family Code. However, known of her Family Code citations went in my favor. The judge would simply turn to my spouse’s attorney for any merit. Furthermore, Erin then failed to have any follow-up comments or rebuttals.

    It was always difficult to get a hold of Ms. Farley. She does not have an assistant or any other person available to answer phones.

    I will conclude my review with a comparison with other attorneys. Once I hired another attorney, I realized the items Ms. Farley failed to follow through with and follow up with were important. These items were taken seriously by my new attorney and were later solved. It seems that Ms. Farley has a lack of understanding how the family law system "actually" works because I always felt confused and I lost track of what was truly important during my dissolution. My new attorney helped me get back on track by simply solving my needs. When my new attorney was retained, my case was solved in less than 30 days. There is no telling how long my case would have lasted if I kept Ms. Farley.

    Erin Patricia Farley’s response: “This firm is dedicated to serving our clients and their families; in that vein, we strongly believe in following client directives and we honor client feedback. Please contact me or Pat Walsh, administrative assistant, with any misunderstandings you may have in regard to our representation. We look forward to discussing the issues regarding your specific matter. It is difficult for a layperson to understand why results can be achieved only after months of legal proceedings. This difference can be explained by each party’s actions, willingness to settle, and ability to think holistically. I encourage negotiated settlements between spouses because it allows my clients to retain control over their family, control the legal process, and save money; but it takes two to make an agreement. The opposing spouse’s actions and their choice of attorney can greatly limit or exacerbate the litigation process. Consider, for example, an opposing spouse who hires a litigious attorney and insists on hearings on every issue; as opposed to that same spouse, defeated by losses and out of money, who decides to solve all issues and move on. No attorney, no matter how skilled, adds much value to lengthy litigation in a period of 30 days. When a new attorney steps in at the end of a case, it is the groundwork lain by the prior attorney that enables a superior outcome.”
  • No Thanks!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Very unprofessional! She pretends to be your best friend and tells you what you want to hear. Extremely hard to get ahold of at all times and very inconsistant. She charged me over $2600.00 before my husband even received my petition for divorce. She does not give the same rate to every client and plays favorites. She makes decisions without notifying her client first. I only used her because of all the money I had already spent. Would never recommend her to future clients!!!

    Erin Patricia Farley’s response: “This firm is dedicated to the value of serving our clients and their emerging families; in that vein, we strongly believe in following client directives and we honor client feedback. Because we guide clients through the process of divorce in the most efficient and painless manner possible, we have handled hundreds of clients. Still, we have reviewed our files and have not found any client matching this fact pattern. If this is an actual client, please contact our office directly so that we may address your concerns.”