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Michael John Apicella

Michael Apicella’s Legal Guides

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  • What is divorce mediation

    There are various ways to get a divorce. For instance, there's the traditional litigation route, where each side goes to court and asks a judge to decide various issues, such as custody, visitation, asset and debt division, support, etc. The typical mindset in litigation is to "w...

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  • Common Threats During Divorce

    This brief guide discusses some of the common threats and comments that one may hear from the other spouse during their divorce and how to deal with it. If on the receiving end of such threats or comments, the best approach is toNOT respond in kind, but instead, keep a running "e...

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  • Saving Attorney Fees

    Use your lawyer for your legal problems, not as your psychologist or therapist Family law lawyers wear many hats due to the nature of their work. Many clients are very distraught when they call their

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  • Alimony FAQ's

    Alimony, called "spousal support" in California, is an often misunderstood and confusing concept by those going through a divorce. Below are some common questions I've received from clients when handling their divorce.

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  • Premarital Agreements - FAQ's

    What is a premarital agreement or "prenup?" A Premarital Agreement (also called a "prenup") is a contract that two people sign before getting married. Its purpose is to define their rights if future

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  • Divorce Basics

    Residency Requirements and Grounds for Divorce You must be a California resident for 6 months and a county resident for 3 months to file for a divorce. Either spouse can get a divorce simply by stati

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  • Divorce FAQ's

    1) What are the grounds for a divorce, also called a "dissolution of marriage?" California follows the "no-fault divorce" concept. In other words, in California, a dissolution of marriage can be granted if the court finds there to be "irreconcilable differences" that have caused ...

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