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Keitel v. Heubel, 103 Cal. App.4th 324

Case Conclusion Date: 10.30.2002

Practice Area: Consumer protection

Outcome: Won appeal, published opinion; sanctions awarded.

Description: In a matter spanning five years and over seven different legal actions and appeals, Brian Dinday fought for his client to collect on a half million dollar judgment against relatives who defrauded her. Not withstanding threats, stalking and intimidation tactics by one defendant, Dinday pressed on and collected on the judgment and then won sanctions in the Court of Appeal against the defendant and his attorney for improper tactics. The opinion of the Court of Appeal was certified for publication and has been cited in several other published opinions since. Dinday agreed to represent the client although the client confessed to him that one of her prior attorneys had withdrawn due to alleged threats made. Another prior attorney (female) complained that one defendant had assaulted her. Indeed, the defendants sued Dinday personally twice, and behaved in such a way that he felt obliged to obtain a restraining order against one defendant. This same defendant once challenged Dinday personally, saying "You'll never see a NICKEL of that money, EVER!" He was wrong.

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