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Brian Richard Dinday

About Brian Dinday

About me

   I was first admitted into the practice of law in New Jersey in 1974, and then in California in 1977. I have been married 34 years and have four grown children, all of whom were born and grew up in Marin County. I maintain offices in both San Francisco and in San Rafael.


   I believe in personally handling all my own cases, so I have limited my practice so that I do not have to rely upon paralegals and young associates to represent my clients. As you may see from reading my three case accounts of published opinions, I also believe in persevering until the case comes out right.


    One example would be a criminal defense case in Santa Clara County. I was telling my client in the courthouse elevator that the prosecutor's offer of settlement was not reasonable and that if we kept fighting, it would get better. Two local attorneys smiled and thought it appropriate to say in front of my client: "I wouldn't count on it. They withdraw their offers if you don't take them and then you've got to "plead to the sheet", meaning plead guilty to every charge with no promises on the sentence. I thanked them for their opinions. After some more litigating and resisting the prosecutor, I got the deal we wanted.


    Some cases are best resolved by straight forward negotiating  with the opposition. In other cases, honey doesn't draw the flies I need, so the gloves come off. As one judge said after I got my client an acquittal in a criminal trial in Solano County, "You were not very nice to the prosecutor". Well, usually, but not always.

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