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Dotty Elaine Lemieux

Dotty Lemieux’s Legal Guides

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  • Know your Boundaries

    Know your Boundaries I get so many questions on boundary issues, relating to trees, easements, fences and other neighbor disputes, I have to say, "Homeowners, do you know where your property's boundary lines are?" If not, you could have a problem. You need to find out where you...

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  • What to do When Developers come to Call?

    You have just learned that a developer has submitted plans for a 1200 unit development on the old dairy farm. Youre outraged that a neighborhood greenbelt will now be covered with Mc Mansions. You worry about traffic impacts and the fate of the historic oak trees that cover the p...

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    TREES AND THE LAW: NEIGHBORS BEWARE! Imagine you wake up one morning to find the neighbors tree has moved closer to your house. No, it didnt get up and walk over the property line, but that limb youve been concerned about has sagged in the night, and now looks really menacin...

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  • 5 tips for dealing with Tree Disputes

    1. Get an expert opinion Whether your own tree is threatening to fall on the neighbor's house, or he is making grumbling noises that he is afraid it may fall on his house, or whether the leaf is on t

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  • What to do when trees come between your neighbor and you

    Your Neighbor's Trees are out of Control Your neighbor's trees are driving you crazy, dropping sap, sometimes big limbs; they overhang your yard, and scare the children. What can you do?The general rule is you can trim the tree to the property line (be sure you know where it is) ...

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