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Aida Milagros Del Valle

About Aida Del Valle

About me

I practice exclusively in the area of estates and trusts and am first and foremost committed to treating my clients as I would want my most beloved family members to be treated by a trustworthy advisor.

My approach to planning is wholistic, which allows individuals and families to forge and articulate their complete human legacy as opposed to merely their financial legacy. I take the time to get to know my clients deeply, so that I can more effectively help them translate their values into financial and intangible gifts that will be passed down to loved ones and to cherished causes.

I also help people remember that the quality of their relationships is the primordial "asset" in a successful navigation of life's transitions, including the birth of children, new family configurations, and the unforeseen challenges that visit many lives. Assets accumulated over a lifetime can too easily be dissipated in senseless family disputes, where the interpersonal bonds have not been strengthened throughout a lifetime, nor wishes clearly communicated.

Truly acknowledging that we are more than the dollars we have accumulated, that the world needs our generosity for its re-creation, and that the quality of our relationships is vital to a harmonious trajectory through this life, are just some of the great benefits of approaching estate planning in a wholistic manner. It is always a deep honor to assist my clients in this important process.

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