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Donald Gray Drewry

About Donald Drewry

About me

 I was born in Oakland, California, grew up playing around Lake Merit.  I joined orignial Roller Derby in 1960, and my fist job was with Bay Bombers as skate-boy, Charlie O'Connell coach, in 1962.  Was trained by Bombers as score-keeper, building of tracks, publicity, and became an in-house announcer in1965 at age 16.   I did radio game results with Wolfman Jack when I became the New York Chiefs syndicated television announcer in 1972 at Madison Square Garden at New York, and then back with the Bay Bombers in 1977 and 78.  During this time period, I also became a truck driver for the league moving the track from city to city and state to state for each game. 

    My career was interrupted in August of 1967 through April 1969 when I was drafted into the Vietnam war.  I was promoted to SGT, Specialist E-5 Non-commissioned officer in 18 months and received an Honorable Discharge.  When the Roller Derby closed, I worked as a courier by day and went to night school to complete my high school education, college and law school.  The entire process took 13 years of  night school.  During this time, I also worked as a Reserve Police Officer, in a solo capacity for a little over 3 years.  I have also worked as a bartender in local clubs in San Leandro, CA. 

    I enjoy roller skating, but have a broken ankle with a plate in it that prevents me from skating these days.  My favorite time is body surfing in Hawaii and long walks in the hills with my dog KC everyday.  This time with KC gives me a chance to get some exercise, relax, and think of defenses for my clients without interruptiton.

    I became a criminal defense lawyer because I saw how abusive the judicial system is to people who have little to no money, and coming from a family where my mother supported 2 sons after the death of my father without insurance, and watching her struggle, I wanted to be able to help people get a fair shot in the system, and I do so by keeping my fees geared for the blue collar worker. 

  I am greatly assisted by Araceli the officer manager and her sister Olympia who works part-time learning the legal business and going to school to become a lawyer.  Clients who use our firm always comment on the help they receive from Araceli.  Araceli's photo is featured at the top of this area.  Additionally, Araceli helped me develop a special program for lawyers in selecting a jury called Grand Voir Dire.  I also developed a special video for lawyers in trial with GERD cases that is used across the United States in trial.

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