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Shahrad Milanfar

About Shahrad Milanfar

About me

You should only work with a mediator or attorney, if they can help resolve and not multiply your legal problems. So, here are 5 questions you can ask when deciding who to hire:


1. How responsive are you to your clients?

2. How is your approach different from other professionals in your field?

3. How will you make my life better or reduce my stress?

4. How do you plan for success?

5. How will your approach save me money in the long run? 

 As a mediator and attorney, it's my responsibility to help clients resolve their legal problems not to make things worse. My approach is effective and efficient because it is proactive and keeps my clients in the loop. I invite you to call me and ask me these questions. 510-597-3320.

You can also e-mail me ( for a copy of my "Three P's of Mediation Success" & "The Three Reasons Why Every Case Should Be Mediated."