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Erin Ann Levine

About Erin Levine

About me

I practice law because I want your legal experience to be better than mine was. When I was a child, I was the victim of sexual violence. As a teen, I was a plaintiff in a civil action and a witness in a criminal case. It was scary, disempowering, lengthy and confusing.


I don’t want you to feel that way, ever. It’s stressful and unproductive. It leaves you exhausted instead of ready to embark on a fresh start. I understand how intimidating the legal process can be, especially when there are real and significant changes going on your life. It is my practice to listen to what you need – your priorities, intentions, goals and concerns. Working with you, I  use my expertise, passion and outside-the-box problem solving thinking to craft a legal strategy that will get you where you need to go. Whether you want full representation or a little help along the way, I vow to truly hear you and give you the no-nonsense legal advise and aggressive advocacy that you deserve.


I specialize in all areas of family law, with special attention to complicated divorces and post-judgment modification or enforcement actions, LGBT legal matters and pre/post marital agreements.


When I am not wrestling with the law, I am a mom, yoga and hiking enthusiast, avid Etsy and vintage shopper and I love music and foreign films. In my ‘former’ life, I was an elite gymnast and Waldorf student in Southern California. 



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