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Gary D Sparks

Gary Sparks’s Legal Guides

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  • Beware the Urban Legends of California Divorce

    Beware the Urban Legends of California Divorce Those of us who practice divorce and family law in California for a living frequently hear our clients complain that their spouses have made one sort of threat or another... anything from "you'll never see the kids again" to "I'll ma...

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  • Consider Flat-Fee Divorce vs. Traditional Hourly Billing

    Flat-Fee Divorce Comes to Northern California Divorce is too expensive, fees are too unpredictable, and attorneys pad their bills to maximize profits. At least thats the general sentiment shared by many divorce clients in California. According to family law attorney Gary D. Spa...

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  • How to Start Your Divorce in California

    Obtain all the Court forms online (for free) Visit and click the "forms" link at the top of the page. Then, click on the pull-down menu in the middle of the page and select "Fam

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