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Cristin Michelle Lowe

Cristin Lowe’s Legal Guides

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  • Rethinking Prenuptial Agreements

    Unromantic. Dooms the marriage before it begins. Shows a lack of trust. Assumes there will be a divorce. Many people refuse to enter into premarital agreements, commonly referred to as prenups for the above-stated reasons. Others think that because they are beginning their m...

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  • Divorce Myths and Urban Legends

    “There can’t be spousal support (alimony) because we haven’t been married ten years.” Seeing as there have been plenty of support orders for marriages that only lasted a year or so, this simply isn’t

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  • Is there an alternative to going to court for your divorce?

    For any settlement agreement to work, the two of you MUST have at least one goal (hopefully more) in common.

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  • What on Earth is a Forensic Accountant, and Why Do I Need One in my Dissolution?

    The What A forensic accountant is typically a CPA hired to assist with the valuation of businesses, examination and/or reconstruction of financial records, analysis of difficult tax situations, and c

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  • How to Make the Most of your Initial Consultation with a Family Law Attorney

    Let the Attorney Know the Purpose of your Visit. First of all, remember that this is YOUR time with the attorney. Therefore, you need to step up, call the shots and determine the course of your cons

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  • Mediation Tips for Your Child Custody or Visitation Case

    Be Fair. Never refer to the child/ren as “mine” or “yours,” and always call them “our” child/ren. If you can’t remember this, refer to the kids by name. Mediators like to see parties who acknowledg

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